Maggie Rawdon is a fairly new to me author, but I picked up the first book in her Plays & Penalties series and I was obsessed. So, I binged them and then promptly stalked her and begged to get my grabby hands on this one. Without really knowing very much about it and I have no regrets.


First this is not part of the college series but there is a crossover of some of the characters. Which I love, even though it took me a while to put this book down to check who was from which book. It was awesome to see them as adults out in the world living their best lives.


Alex and Harper had a history that made their relationship a little tricky. But I love that there was never anything between them that shouldn't have been. Alex was such an awesome hero. He was so jealous and possessive. But he was also very open and honest and fought hard to prove his feelings for Harper.


I really wish we got more of Alex and Harper after the dust settled. And a fall out for the ex would have been nice but I'm a vengeful witch like that. The chemistry between these guys was so hot but the mouth on Alex was the cherry on top. I'm so glad I grabbed this, and I can't wait for the next book from this author because I'm a little obsessed.



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