I have had this book on my kindle since it was released. I read the first book and loved it but then I had to wait for this one and I added it to the tbr and then got distracted and then I couldn’t really remember it and figured I would need to reread the first book. But then I hit a “what the hell do I read next” wall and was craving some of Tessa Bailey’s heroes and thought what the hell. And before I had finished the first chapter it had all come flooding back.


Because not only was this world unique, but the characters were a certain kind of special. Honestly this whole world is so well built I feel like I’m going to stumble across it while out getting petrol one night. And despite the fact it has been years since I read the first book, I can still remember enough of the characters to be able to jump in like I never left.


Roksana and Elias were hot as hell, and I had no idea where the love - hate relationship had come from until I started reading this book and then I was just stunned. Their first meeting was so electric I could feel their instant attraction and I had absolutely no idea how they were going to get from there to the point I had met them. And to be honest I was scared to find out.


Thankfully this was told in dual point of view so when Roksana was seeing things from her point of view and they certainly didn’t put Elias in a positive light we then got Elias tormented over what he was doing to protect his secret and by extension to protect Roksana. Because Elias was seriously one amazing, sweet, protective hero.


This story was so engrossing, and I was dying to see how all the secrets were going to come to light. And what was going to happen next. I am so excited to see how the next book has everything resolve and watch the relationship between these guys grow even stronger. I have complete faith they will save the world.




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