Ahh!!! I have honestly been waiting for this book forever and yet I completely didn't expect THIS story. For starters there's only four Colter brothers and Drake still would have been my fifth choice of hero. Not because of anything other than the fact he was such a dedicated little manwhore running after the girls next door and driving his family nuts.


When we first met Daisy, I could see her being set up with Duke and Drake being the fly in the ointment. But as the book unfolded, I forgot all about Duke and couldn't get enough of Drake. Because man he was so clueless and yet it was kind of endearing. 


Daisy's take no prisoners attitude and the way she called him on his cluelessness was not only exactly what he needed but also extremely entertaining. And her absolute lack of drama queen was refreshing for a new adult novel. She fits in perfectly with Ryann and Posey and I can see them all sitting around making the brothers sweat.


I can't wait to get Duke's story. I feel like he has the deeper layers of the twins. Plus, I just want more. This series has been a fun ride.



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