I am so enjoying the Campus Wallflower series. These ladies are just all so awesome, and I love them together almost as much as I love them individually. They complement each other so well and I love that they are staying as awesome as they started. I love even more how much these guys are all falling for them.


Felix and Dahlia were so cute together from the very beginning. Obviously, having read the earlier books, I love Dahlia. And I was happy to see Felix as her hero after reading his sister's books. He was such an awesome brother, and I really expected his sisters to give him a harder time than they did.


Watching Dahlia come out of her shell from the support Felix provided in endless supply was beautiful. Felix gave great boyfriend for a guy who really didn't want a girlfriend even when they were playing pretend. And the chemistry between them was so hot, I loved watching Felix trying to fight it to do what he felt was right for Dahlia.


This book was just so much fun to read and I am dying to see who gets Jane's attention in the next book. Although I really am going to be sad to see the end of this series.




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