Damn that was so exactly what I needed. Being Brooke was hilarious, sweet, cute, funny, quirky but above all else just plain awesome. Not that I am at all surprised because everything I have read by Emma Hart has been brilliant but with so much going on at the moment I have had a really hard time keeping my focus on anything.

That wasn’t the case here. As soon as I picked it up I was captivated. Brooke was such a great character and I had so many moments reading this that I could sympathise with (to be honest I am slightly questioning my own sanity after that) I just couldn’t put the book down. She was so clueless and quirky yet sweet and endearing and her conversations and inner monologues had me in absolute fits of laughter. 

Cain was a case of insta-love for me too. He was absolutely the best friend a girl could have and I completely understood Brookes infatuation with him. I loved that he didn’t let anyone come between his friendship with Brooke and Carly and every little thing he did showed his beautiful nature.

The secondary characters in this novel were something else and I sincerely pray we get a few books for them or even just a novella for the grandfather would do. Although I would probably be equal parts grossed out as I would be rolling on the floor laughing and thanking my lucky stars he isn’t my grandfather.

This whole novel was just flawless and I honestly can’t recommend it any more as the perfect distraction from the silly season. But maybe don’t read it while drinking or eating as there is a definite choking hazard involved in all the laugh out loud hilarity within.


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