Well I am sure it’s no surprise I loved this. I don’t think there has been a single book of Lauren Blakely’s that I have read that I haven’t loved. So when this one was announced I was so excited to dive in. My only complaint is that it isn’t a million pages longer so I can stay in this world forever.

Normally I can go either way on second chance romance, but this one was just beautiful. There was the expected heartbreak but what wasn’t expected was the complete lack of emotional drama around it. Don’t get me wrong I felt the heartbreak and I lived the emotion as Lauren Blakely always makes me. I just expected a lot more fallout from the initial break up but I was delighted with the way it all played out.

Gabriel was the perfect mix of sexy alpha male and sweet. I couldn’t get enough of him, even though I spent the first part of the book hoping he had been neutered in the ten years they were separated. Penny was so sweet but had so much depth and character I fell in love with her from the very beginning.

And as always there was a lot of smoking hot sex scenes that had me squirming in my seat. And I have to say that for such a short little novella it didn’t miss a single thing. I can’t wait to continue on with these amazing characters.


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