I know I say this about every Cold Fury book I read but this time I mean it; Max was absolutely my favourite Cold Fury man ever. And this book was the best to date.

I really love this series. It has to be one of the best sports romance series going and I think it’s because it generally lacks all of the usual sports romance clich├ęs. Sure a few of the book have had the other woman drama and the puck bunnies and man whores but the over whelming theme of the team as a whole is one of family and it just works so beautifully I have to get my hands on every new release.

 Max was just the perfect gentleman, but I kind of knew that before I started the book I just didn’t appreciate his true depth of character and sweet nature. I always expect sports heroes to be these cocky full of themselves arseholes. But that couldn’t have been further away from Max and from the first page of this book I was so hooked I loved him.

Jules was something special all on her own and it was great to see a genuine kick arse chick with a backbone of steel who still felt all the normal human emotions you would expect her to in the situation she was in. I loved her self-doubt and her feelings of drowning under all the pressure she was under, because it made me connect in a way most heroines don’t. She was so human and down to earth and I wanted to buy her a drink and giggle over how sexy Max was and swap child raising nightmare stories, you know other than the fact she is fictional.

The relationship between these two was awesome and I loved watching it grow and develop. It was also really great to see our other Cold Fury couples and the way they all banded together and helped each other out. And now as Sawyer is want to do her little teaser into Roman’s novel now has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it. But until then check out my other Cold Fury reviews if you haven’t already read the books and meet yourself an amazing group of men and women.





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