Back before fifty I was a casual romance reader. I mainly read horror and crime, however having 4 really young kids and being a stay at home mum on one income those books were wickedly expensive even second hand when you read one a day. Mills & Boon/ Entangled and the like however were so cheap it was ridiculous. Infact I used to buy a box of them for $2 and they would last me a month. Now I am an obsessed romance reader and my poor Dean Koontz collection is in a box somewhere as I slowly add to my signed romance collection.

I am no longer ashamed to tell people what I am reading (well mostly) and I have discovered a whole world of romance beyond Mills & Boon / Entangled. But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t gravitate towards them every now and then. They often give me just what I need. I know generally they are somewhat predictable and over the top sweet but they still have all the aspects I love in a good romance novel and sometimes I just need that sweet predictability to soothe me.

Now that isn’t to say each book doesn’t have it’s own feel and style and Joya Ryan is definitely one of those authors I always grab as soon as I see her name on the cover. I love her writing style and her characters always feel so genuine and relatable. They always make me feel like I can completely relate to them and I walk away in a great mood with a need to just chill out and read all day.

This book was sweet and somewhat predictable but the story was told in a fun way that had me wanting to know how it was going to play out. I could have gone with a little more revenge against the cheating ex and his girlfriend but then I guess the best revenge is to be happy, I just am a lot more vengeful than that so dismemberment or IDK syphilis would have been nice to see.

I really enjoyed the characters and there was plenty of chemistry and sex thrown in with the romance and I really love that it was all wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end. An epilogue way off in the distance would have been awesome but I can’t complain too much since it ended with so much sweetness I can close my eyes and make my own epilogue with puppies and rainbows. And today that was exactly what I needed.


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