Every now and then I just need a book to cleanse the angst and for whatever reason this book is one that has stuck in my mind and in my GoodReads feeds forever so I figured what the hell. Thankfully this book delivered all that I expected and a little bit more.

The characters were so human and their actions so understandable that I felt like I knew them from the get go. Neither of them played games or did anything stupid. And maybe it’s partially due to the new adult binge I have been on recently but it was really nice that they were mature and acted like adults.

 It was more insta lust than insta love but the relationship did progress quickly and there was a heap of steamy sex scenes along with the growing romance. I love that once they decided to move forward with a relationship they didn’t mess around or try to hide it. There was no ridiculous jealousy or other man or woman drama and the hiccups they did have weren’t over anything stupid and or petty even if they were a little misguided.

Stone and Jovy were great together and the inclusion of Lula Belle absolutely made my day reading this. I had a few laughs, a few very minor sniffles and a great break from reality reading this book. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the men from the ranch are going to go with their love lives in the future. As well as seeing the ranch and business grow and of course catch up with the characters I already know and like.  I am however hoping that Blanche gets her own ranger in the very near future.


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