Second Chance romance is always so hit and miss for me. On one hand if they are done well they have a lot of the elements I love. But then there is always the thing that caused them to separate in the first place and who has done what in the time between. Because no matter what happened someone is always at fault and why has it taken however long for them to get their shit together and reunite.

The blurb for this one sounded like it was going to be light and funny and I seriously love Lauren’s writing. As I started the book I realised I was off on the light and funny. This book was an emotional, angsty rollercoaster and I hung on every word of it. See the book was told from both points of view alternating between the present and their history. And although it seems somewhat cut and dry as to what drove them apart when they were teenagers it was obvious there was more to the story and it was written so superbly that I couldn’t stop turning pages.

Lucy and Reece annoyed the crap out of me. Both of them were so busy protecting themselves they made so many stupid mistakes that I really wanted to rip them both off the pages and smack their heads together. Don’t get me wrong they were great together, I just wanted so much more of them together than what I got. Although when they were together there was a lot of sexual tension and back and forth banter that I enjoyed immensely.

This has been a solid third book in this series and I can’t wait to see what the next one will hold. But for now check out my reviews of the last two here


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