Ilsa Madden-Mills is such a master of college, sports romance. She falls in the if she writes it, I will read it category and this one lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations.

This book had everything I could ever want in a new adult, college, sports romance and it was angst light. It is without a doubt one of the best I have read in a long time. See it missed all of the usual clichés but it added a whole heap of twists and turns that kept the story intriguing to the very last page.

The chemistry between Sunny and Max crackled off the pages and I think if I had of read it in paperback I would have had a fire on my hands. They were the perfect couple from the very beginning and watching them come together was awesome.

I did have a few doubts about Max and his commitment to anything other than himself but in the end he more than made up for it and proved himself. He had the whole jealous, possessive, alpha thing down so even when I doubted him I still loved him.

Sunny was pretty damn awesome. I loved that she didn’t act like an insecure idiot or doubt herself or her feelings. And even when there was every reason for her to act like a typical new adult heroine she was never anything less than perfect. At every point she pleasantly surprised me and I think she may be one of my favourite book babes.

This is a must read new adult novel for anyone who is a fan of low angst college, sports romance. And if you haven’t read any of Ilsa’s other books be sure to one click them while you’re at it.


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