I don’t know how I forgot the power of Katy Regnery’s words. Every single book of hers has been amazing and of course this one was no different. From their first meeting the connection between Laire and Erik was palpable and I could feel the chemistry leaping off the pages.

Firstly I have to say that if you aren’t a fan of insta love this isn’t the book for you so save yourself the money (unless you’re buying it for the charity then buy two and give one to a friend). Now of course I am a huge fan of insta love so this whole book was absolute perfection for me. And the insta love was told so beautifully and with so much depth of emotion I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Laire and Erik weren’t just from different worlds it was almost like they were from a different time. And Katy told the book with so much detail and sensitivity it felt like I was visiting these places right along with the characters.

He’d never known anyone remotely like her, like this fisherman’s daughter from a world that was somehow frozen in time.
I fell in love with Erik from the first meeting. He wasn’t anything at all like I expected him to be, he was so much better than I could possibly dream and I loved that he fell in love so hard and was everything that Laire could need. He is absolutely on my book boyfriend list.

Laire was such a beautiful soul, I understood why Erik fell so hard for her and watching her fall right along with him was awesome. She was so sweet yet so kickass and strong. She went through so much and had to grow up so fast yet she still kept her sweetness and everything that was good about her.

This book was seriously amazing and you should absolutely one click it right now but be warned that you will need a box of tissues and once you pick it up you won’t physically be able to put it down so make sure you have the time to enjoy it.

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