I have been waiting for Lance’s story since the beginning of this series. He was such an arsehole I just knew that he was going to have a truly epic story with a great reason for all the miserable crap he has pulled over the duration and I really do love a good redeemable arsehole story.

As I started this book I kept having flashes of deja vu from my little goldfish memory and I got so addicted to every word I couldn’t put the book down and I was dying to go back and scour the previous books for any and every mention of Lance and his beautiful new love.

Lance’s story was so heartbreaking and I just wanted his girl to wrap him up in her arms and heal all of his past hurts and ride off into the sunset for their very own happily ever after. But then I did love every single word of this journey I got to watch them go on so I am glad it wasn’t that simple.

I knew that there had to be more to the story of Lance and Tash and for all this time I had my own ideas on what had happened to them previously and who had done what to whom that I was pretty sure I had an idea of how this all was going to play out. Of course I was wrong and I enjoyed every second of being proven wrong.

This book was a lot more emotional and a lot less laugh out loud than the previous books and I think it is probably my favourite so far. I still got the humour from Violet and more of the sweet from Sunny and I am always happy to get a little further into the gang’s future. Now I just have to hope that Helena can write faster so I can dive into the next one.

If you haven’t read this series you should one click them all and spend a weekend binge reading them. But first you can read my Pucked Series reviews here.


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