Oh My God I need more, because seriously I don’t think there could ever be enough. Enough of this series. Enough of these characters. Enough of this epic writing. It just doesn’t feel possible.

I am stalker obsessed a huge fan of Aly Martinez so as soon as the option became available I signed up for this ARC, no need to look at the blurb or anything but the authors name. But then I did look at the blurb and I decided this book was going to be angsty and devastating and I probably wasn’t in the right mood to read it but it was the book I needed to read next. So I had a few glasses of wine and sat down and lost myself in the beautiful story of Rhion and Jude.

First I have to say this book isn’t what I would consider angsty, it is emotional but not in an ugly crying can’t function kind of way. It had me smiling and happy a lot more than the few tears that I did shed, and most of those were happy tears not sad ones. It wasn’t at all what I expected because it was busy being so much better than anything I could have imagined. In fact, this is going straight on my 2017 favourites list.

Rhion was such a mystery. She was this beautiful, scared, kind, broken, fearless, forgiving, amazing character that I thought I should feel pity for but never did because she didn’t need it. So many horrible things had happened to her but she just accepted it and continued on with life. I honestly had such a crush on her from the beginning and at that point I didn’t even know half of her.

Jude was book boyfriend perfection. Honestly there was maybe one or two moments when I wondered maybe he needed to pull his head out of his arse and get over himself but then as more of his story unfolded I completely understood where he was coming from. He had such a perfect amount of alpha badass that I actually had to consider changing my panties a few times. He actually perfectly balanced the jealous, possessive, alpha guy with the sweet, caring, soft guy to such epic perfection.

This book was just amazing. Aly had all these awesome romance fan girl references in there that gave me serious warm fuzzies and I loved the fact that Rhion was a writer who crafted everyone their own story of who she was. This felt very reminiscent of an early Kristen Ashley book and characters but I feel like saying that is doing Aly and this book an injustice because it was very much its own story but I do love Kristen Ashley. I don’t think I could ever stop raving about this book. I read it in one sitting and I know I will be re-reading it before the year is out. But for now I have to go stalk Aly to see if there is any indication of when the next book will be out and who it will feature.


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