Aly Martinez is one of very few authors who’s books make my TBR before the blurb is even written. I just know I can count on her to write a book that I will be so emotionally invested in that from the moment I pick it up until the second I put it down I am nowhere but in that book. The only issue I have is that I always feel the need to wait until I am in a reasonable stable head space (for me this is a hard task) with very little else on my calendar so I can read the book with only minimal muttering to my husband as all the pieces fall in to place as I read it.

And The Darkest Sunrise nailed every single thing I have come to expect from Aly Martinez. I have just finished the first book in the duet and I am a hyper, emotionally fragile, muttering mess. I am completely on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I know I wont feel whole again until I turn the last page on The Brightest Sunset.

The connection between Charlotte and Porter was so palpable I could almost feel every one of their interactions. And from the very beginning I was dying to see them find a work around for their very unique issues and manage to ride off into the sunset together. I absolutely loved them both and my heart broke every time we got another piece of each of their individual broken pieces.

Porter was so much the perfect man and I fell in love with how hard he chased Charlotte and fought to build something with her. I loved that he was such an amazing father. He is just the complete all around package and the plot twists and drama bombs never even dented his positivity that Charlotte was exactly who he needed in his life. Even when it all looked completely impossible.

And for how completely shattered Charlotte was her inner strength and complete lack of excuses just made her all the more endearing. Of course the secondary characters were equally as amazing and despite the heartbreak and drama there was also a lot of small pieces of humour all through the book that made sure I didn’t spend every second reading this book in a sobbing puddle on the lounge. That said I am in for a long night since I know I am not going to sleep easy until I have finished this perfect duet.


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