I am such a massive fan of fairytale adaptations. I think it's the slight predictability with twists and turns to compare and interpret. And Linda Kage always writes such beautiful, emotion filled stories that have me desperate for the happy ever after. I just knew this book was going to be perfection.

This entire story was told in our amazing hero, Shaw’s P.O.V. and as the twist goes he is also our beauty. Now I have to be honest here he was so beautiful inside that I never really considered his appearance but every now and then someone else would mention it and I found it almost shocking. He just was so amazingly sweet and sincere and caring about everyone around him it's hard to also picture him with model good looks.

And poor Isobel as our beast was amazing. Her inner strength to survive everything she had been through humbled me. She started out so closed off but watching her open up to Shaw was great.

The secondary characters were so engaging and so much a part of the story I loved and hated them and felt so many strong emotions reading this I really struggled to put it down.

And the brief lead up to the next book in the series has me running off to Goodreads to see how long I have to wait to get my grabby hands on it. But for now I can't wait to see everyone else's thoughts and reactions to this beautiful book.


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