Helena Hunting gets better with every book she writes. Which is seriously saying something since her Pucked series was pretty damn close to perfect.

Shacking Up was the perfect combination of panty melting sexual tension and laugh out loud hilarious that I just couldn’t stop flipping the pages to see who was going to crack first. From the very first meeting Bane and Ruby had me completely captivated. They were both just so real and genuine and everything about their relationship grew so organically that I felt like I was part of it all.

Ruby was great. She was a truly different heroine in all the very best of ways. She is absolutely one of the best characters I have read this year. I can’t even begin to explain exactly how real she felt. Ruby was so stubborn and set on doing everything herself but she was still so caring and sensitive. She was so confident and self reliant and I loved that she knew exactly what she wanted and she worked so hard to get it.

Bane was a wet dream come to life. Former rugby star turned sexy in a suit businessman, with a soft spot for exotic pets. And from the minute he lays eyes on Ruby he is done. He had the whole growling, possessive, jealous alpha male down to a tee and I want one. Bane was just perfect. And even though he was a genuinely good guy he still had enough rough around the edges to make him amazing.

The two of them together was this awesome recipe of sweet, sexy, hilariousness and I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours of free time than sinking into Shacking Up. You have to race out and one click this right now. 


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