I am having a serious face palm moment here. Tara and Dawn have been telling me for years, YEARS people, how awesome Tijan is and how much I would love her books. So why the hell did I only just pick up this one now? I bought it when it was first released and it just fell further and further back on my kindle until that fateful moment where I put down my last book and thought WTF do I read now.

So I figure why not? I felt like a little college romance with all the usual angst and drama one can expect from it so I dove in. Of course 3am this morning I fell asleep with 20% left to read and an obsession for all things Caden.

Hot damn was that guy perfection. Seriously where were guys like him when I was 20? I can’t even try to explain how awesome he was. I mean really you have to meet him yourself. And Summer wasn’t bad either. She is one of the very few New Adult heroines who hasn’t driven me up the wall so for that alone I love her. I also love that she wasn’t still holding her V card. And although she was in love with her step brother she didn’t have any of the wishy washy bullshit that I was semi expecting.

Overall I really loved that I went into this expecting this really dramatic, love triangle with a heap of back and forth and all we got was a really sweet and straight forward romance with a few little twists and turns along the way to keep me flipping the pages like to find out what was going to happen next. Caden and Summer were just beautiful and now I am off to apologise to Tara and Dawn for not jumping on their Tijan bandwagon sooner. Well maybe after I stalk Tijan a little for my next read ;)


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