I wasn't going to rate this book because it has been a massive case of “it's not you, it's me” since the moment I picked it up. I can genuinely appreciate that there was a lot about this book I would have loved if I had read it at any other time. But we have been so busy that when a week after starting I was only half way through it and not overly invested in it at all I was so frustrated with myself for not really giving it a solid chance. However I found a spare few hours to finish the book and I loved it.

Sarah was such a sweet lovable character that I really enjoyed. She just floated through everything diving into situations without thought but you could see she always led with the best of intentions. And her love for animals was an automatic endearing quality.

Reed was a bit harder to love. Not that he wasn't great but he was so closed off he made me want to shake him. For a while there I thought Sarah should just date his cousin and be done with him. But of course Sarah was a lot more patient than me and she persevered.

Other than my own personal bullshit this was a great book and I am really glad I stuck to it and found the time to do it justice. But now I seriously can't wait to read Brynn's book.


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