I read the first book in this series after getting hooked on the blurb and I loved it so then I had to wait to read the second one but then I saw this one and I one clicked it but I had to read them in order so I held off reading this one. But once I finished Checked Into Love I wanted to stay in Rochelle Paige’s world so I jumped straight into this one.

And I am such a freaking idiot. I had no idea it was part of the Sex, Vows & Babies series until I got to the authors notes at the end and I had no idea that that was A Kindle Worlds series based on Fiona Davenport's Yeah, Baby or I would have been all over it. And now I have a new book obsession to exercise my one click finger on.

So the characters from this book are very vaguely mentioned in Checked Into Love so there is no reason to hold off and read them in order. But I did enjoy it especially since I had just put it down so I could match up the over laps, which would also work if you read them the other way around.

This story was a massive case of insta love with an OTT alpha. And as is common in these cases there was the usual breeding subject thrown in and I freaking loved it. Dane was so protective and possessive and everything I love in one of these books. Not to take anything away from Addilyn since he was so sweet and didn’t have any of the usual annoying hang up heroines tend to have that drive me insane.

I seriously enjoyed every word of it and I can’t wait for the rest of this series.


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