Since the first Piper Rayne book I picked up they have been an insta click for me. They are my go to for light hearted, funny, sweet and sassy romance. And I already know all about Garrett and Charlie from the last two books in the series. So when I picked up Sexy Beast I thought I knew exactly what to expect but I really didn’t.

I guess I will start with Charlie. I really liked Charlie but I would have liked her to show a little more backbone in the beginning. As we know she has crushed on Garrett forever and in each book we have been aware of her watching him. So I was expecting a major conflict to make him notice her and get his arse into gear. Which I never really felt like I got. Don’t get me wrong Charlie did show plenty of sass and when it came down to it I loved that she stood up for herself and fought for what she wanted.

Garrett had me in tears for a heap of this book. Now to be fair I am slightly emotional at the moment so it may have been more me than Garrett but he had been through so much and I could completely understand why he was so set on protecting himself. I just wanted him to step up and notice Charlie sooner.

Before you get the impression I didn’t like it I should point out that I read this in one sitting, I had to know how Charlie was going to win over Garrett and get the happily ever after she so desired. I guess it was more a case of my expectations not being met which is entirely on me. And now I also have to add in the disappointment that this is the end of the series but I am super excited to see where these ladies are going to go next.


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