This series is one I came across ages ago and it just keeps popping up at times that I don't have an opportunity to read it. Or I forget about it and read something else that I've stumbled across that day. But today I was looking over my kindle books and I figured it was time I read it and returned it to KU. 

And it was just what I needed for the day. Living in a basketball obsessed home I have found that I can't get enough of good college basketball books. But they tend to be a little hit and miss. Nothing drives me more nuts than when people get things wrong or when the characters just don't work for me.

Luckily Blair was pretty great. She wasn't weak or shallow and she wasn't caught up in any of the normal juvenile drama college heroines tend to find. And although I was annoyed with Wes for a minute he won me back pretty damn fast. He was so sweet and smart and down right sexy I fell for him immediately. 

I loved that he was possessive and protective without being domineering. Together they were awesome and I loved "Bless". And I am going right now to return this and check out Joel's story.


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