After putting down The Assist I immediately had to run off to KU and grab The Fadeaway and I loved it. I am a huge sucker for single parent romance and I love college sports romance and this combined them both perfectly.

Joel was the ultimate cocky, man whore player and after seeing the procession of ladies through his room in The Assist I had high hopes for his fall. When I realised his leading lady was single mum Katrina I was super excited. I really wasn't expecting her for him.

But he was perfect for her. He was so patient and determined and even knowing he was holding back from a real relationship with Katrina I still fell so hard for him. Katrina was so strong and capable and I adored that she didn't fall for the Joel Moreno hype even as attracted to him as she was.

The whole book was great and I am off to grab The Tip off from KU now so I can continue my smart jock binge because Z has the whole strong brooding thing down.


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