So I admit I read a Christmas novella in September just because it was the next book in the series. And I really missed the whole Christmas experience with the day not even being in sight but the book was still super sweet. 

And I was so glad to get Liam's story. He was someone I found interesting in the last book but I was kind of expecting a different story for the ex military man. But that's just me and I was happy with the story.

Ava was awesome. She was so strong and self assured in every area of her life except her love life. I loved that she put her grandmother in her place and stood up for herself.

And although second chance romance isn't normally my thing this one was focused on the present. And I was able to forgive their stupid miscommunication since it happened when they were both young. Plus I appreciated the circumstances that caused the earlier problems had already been dealt with. 

For a quick novella this was a great well paced read that I really enjoyed and now I am off to read Decidedly by Chance.


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