I stumbled across this author's debut novel by complete accident but it sounded like my kinda story so I signed up for an ARC and I can honestly say I am so happy I did. And when the opportunity came along to sign up for her second book in the series I was right there. Sadly my goldfish memory kicked in and I picked up this book to read it and had completely forgotten that 
A) it was part of a series and 
B) who it was about. 

Luckily for me as I started reading it all came flooding back and I was so hooked up in the characters and their story I really couldn’t have put it down if I had to. Before I rant any further on how much I love this group of friends and family I first want to mention the fact this is told in third person which is almost an anomaly in itself. So few books are written that way any more that normally it takes me a bit to get into the swing of things but not so in this book. 

From the first page I had a serious girl crush on Rocky and “The Coven” and then I fell madly in love with Gage. I love sports romance and it has been way too long since I have read a good MMA hero. Gage was the perfect mix of sexy AF muscled man and sweet and sensitive boyfriend. I loved him so much. And the way he cared for and supported Rocky was so sweet without taking away from how much of a kickarse chick she was just added extra icing to his Henry Cavill looks.

Rocky was awesome and having the background from her close knit group of friends and family just added so much extra dimension to her. And as I read more the different secondary characters all came back to me and I remembered why I signed up for this book as soon as I put the last book down. This group of friends is exactly the group of friends I would want to be surrounded by, you know if I wasn’t an introvert with too many kids and extremely codependent of my husband. Oh well it was fun reading about them and pretending they were real for a few hours anyway and I can’t wait til November to get my hands on the next book in the series.


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