I finished Until Joe and remembered I hadn't read book three in the wallflowers  series. Don't even ask why not as I have no idea. I think it's because I had to wait and I had forgotten what had happened in the previous two so I just kept putting it off. But after I put down Until Joe I just needed more C.P. Smith so I jumped on Amazon and it was a KU title so I jumped right in.

So yeah that was my Sunday. Because once I picked it up I was completely immersed in all things wallflowers and their Neanderthal, alpha men. I don't know how I forgot how obsessed I was with this series but OMG I loved it.

Poppy was such a sweetheart and for everything she went through she was forged in fire. I loved how she brought everything back to book tropes and storylines. She was hilarious and sweet and everything about her made me love her.

But naturally I am in serious love with Nate aka Bodacious Bar Owner. He can throw me over his shoulder any day. Aside from the fact he is physically flawless, his jealous, protective care of Poppy was beautiful. I loved these two as a couple so much.

And even with all the tropes Poppy pointed out for us going on in this story I couldn't get enough. Everything worked so well together and was resolved so perfectly I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to see the next book in the series and see which of our wallflowers is having a highland wedding.


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