The Guy In The Middle
By Kate Stewart
I started this anthology only planning to read a few of the stories but since I love sports romance I figured I would have a quick peek at the writing since Kate Stewart is a new to me author. And then I had finished it.

Turns out her writing is great. And now I have a new author to check out once I finish the rest of these stories but for right now I guess I should talk a little about the guy in the middle.

I went into the story completely blind and in honesty if I knew at the start it was going to end on a cliffhanger I have to wait until January 2020 to read i wouldn't have read it. My goldfish brain can't hang out that long between books.

I loved Harper and Lance. They had great stories and I wanted to know everything about them. And for a novella i did get plenty of background info and enough of a tease of the other characters to want me to check out the rest of the series.

The chemistry was perfect and I felt all the emotions along with Harper and Lance. I just really wish I could dive into the second half of the story now. Anyway I will finish crying and jump into the next story in the anthology.

Arena Lights
By Mandi Beck
This was a perfect length for a novella. Just long enough to get me invested in the story and characters, yet short enough to read on a sunny arvo by the pool. And the pacing was right on point too.

There was a bit of other woman drama but Benny cleared up any misunderstandings and miscommunication so quickly I really enjoyed it. Maeve was a little annoying but only because she reacted first and talked second. 

But overall it was a really good novella that reminds me how much I enjoyed Mandi Beck's writing.

Body Heat
By Rochelle Paige
This was a more mature novel than I was expecting after the previous two stories. That's in no way a complaint since it was exactly what I love and expect from Rochelle Paige. 

I loved that Sera was an absolute arse kicking heroine. And that Rowan wasn't just accepting of it but that he embraced it.

They were such a sweet couple together with hot as hell chemistry and even though it was a little insta I loved the natural progression of there relationship. And the touch of suspense had me intrigued.

Overall this was a great well paced novella and I have added the books from the secondary characters.

Guys Like You
 By Charleigh Rose
Omg I am loving this anthology but it's killing me TBR pile. During everyone of these novellas I've had to stop and trawl GoodReads to see if the books part of a series or if the secondary characters have books.

And this one is no different. Zack was just so great and I loved him for Halston. He wasn't all gushy but he didn't do the whole macho thing either.

I would have loved more closure for Halston with the ex, like idk maybe an eyeful of Zack or something but I'm a vengeful one and I did love the epilogue so I guess I should just smile and get back to the next one.

Fast Break
By Kennedy Ryan
Kennedy Ryan has been on my must read asap list for so long. I live in a basketball obsessed house and sadly the passion for the sport has rubbed off on me so whenever I see new basketball romances I add them to the TBR. And the rave reviews this series has gotten just has me even more sold. I just never seem to find the right time / mood to commit.

Ean was so focused. I loved that he was so intrigued by everything he knew of her that he went out of his way to meet her. And that Quinn was so strong even while she was a little gun shy.

The epilogue was great and I really need to bump this series up my TBR again.

End Goal
By Ella Fox
Ok so I liked it but I didn't love it. And honestly I think it's just the fact it was a novella and obviously there's not a lot of time to flesh out the details. So I feel like I missed out on Addison growing up and I needed that.

Law had made such a balls up at the beginning and then we jump to ten years later and Addison is still holding a grudge. And while 10 years older Law certainly made my ovaries whimper I still needed a hell of a lot of groveling and I really got none.

Now to be fair the story played out well and for a novella it was cute and to the point it just didn't have the elements I wanted to make me love it but that's probably just me.

The Teaching Hours
By Sara Ney
So this is one of the main reasons I was dying to get my hands on this anthology. I love Sara Nye and I especially love this series. And what's even better than a random novella by Sara Ney? One that contains 2 secondary characters from some of the other books.

Rex was king of the douches. And I really love that become the "funcle" to Annabelle's beautiful baby girl made him into a semi decent human being. And seeing him be so sweet and slightly vulnerable for Hannah was awesome. 

I love Hannah she's so fierce yet as the main character she was just your average insecure new adult trying to negotiate the dating world. These two were the perfect compliment to each other and I can't wait for the next Douchebag to be tamed.

A Slice of Love
By Teagan Hunter
No it cant just end like that. I feel so unresolved. I need more Franks and Jonas. And Julian just has to have his own book already. This was such a typical new adult college romance and I loved every word of it.

I started off all dreamy in lust with Jonas, then I was a little pissed but luckily dual POV meant I couldn't stay mad for long and everything came out perfectly in the wash. But that ending was abrupt and I want so much more.

I am really hoping there's a heap of books with Jonas' s mum and dad in them and his sister but most especially Julian. And I admit I feel a little guilty hoping Frankies dad will just die already but only a little. 

I am off to obsessively look for other books by Teagan Hunter. Great another author to stalk and more books to add to my TBR.

Love Game
By Emma Scott
This story was a little different for me. I am really not a tennis fan, like I feel bored and sleepy just thinking about it. And I know I shouldn't generalise but tennis players just don't do it for me.

I found Kai's attitude annoying and juvenile and I wanted to slap him for the way he acted. He did get slightly better but not enough for me to really warm up to him. Maybe if he had done something other than just not act like a huge dickhead I might have come around but idk.

I liked Daisy and I loved that she didn't take his shit but she deserved a whole lot more. This wasn't a bad read and I do generally like Emma Scott's writing but this one just didn't work for me.

Holt's Story
By Meghan Quinn
Well atleast Meghan knows that she's an evil wench, I mean sure I may have used slightly stronger words but the general gist of it was the same. And Meghan, November is forever away so still horrible but maybe once I get the full story I'll forgive you.

Because seriously Holt is doing it for me in all the best ways. And I really am loving everything about Harmony. Not that there's any surprise there since I am addicted to these boys in the locker room and the dugout.

So I guess for now I will go off and make a calendar so I can mark off the data until my next Brentwood baseball player fix.

Dear Ava
By Ilsa Madden-Mills
It's official Dear Ava was my favorite story in the book. Not a major surprise since Ilsa Madden mills could write toilet paper ads and have me hanging on her every word.

And I am incredibly excited to read the whole story in January. Because I can't get enough of Knox and Ava but also because I need to know how they get to the bottom of Ava's assault and how all the pieces are going to fit together.

Plus there's already a few secondary characters I love who I am hoping will be getting their own books or just more of them. This book had all the feels and I just know it will blow me away in January. But omg is it January yet?


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