Sometimes I drive myself mental with how crazy I make myself over the smallest of things. So I finished all the ARCs I had to immediately review and had a few due in a few weeks and had to decide what to read next. But nothing was grabbing me so I decided to read the next ARC due. Until I realised it was part of a series and I had only read part of it. And I fixated on the books I hadn't read. Despite having a kindle full of books and a KU subscription I found myself having to pay $5 for a book because my brain wouldn't let me read anything else. Gah.

Luckily for me this was a really easy to read book. The whole story just felt cozy. There was no major dramas and all the characters were really likable. I just enjoyed everything about it. 

Travis and Emma were both really sweet. They each had their own reasons for being closed off from getting into a real relationship. And for both of them they were genuine, understandable reasons that I couldn't fault them for. But luckily for us Nanna Fanny made Travis open his eyes and see what was right under his nose.

So even though I started this book a little annoyed with myself I am really glad I sucked it up and read this book. And now I am going to dive straight into the next book in the series.


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