Ok so Rebecca was a new to me author three days ago. I kept seeing her books and thinking they sounded like my kind of stories but I never got around to them. Then I grabbed The Assist on KU and  binged the entire series. 

The tip off has been my absolute favorite. I knew I was going to love Zeke, he had the whole dark and brooding thing going and I was a little in love with him from the start. I loved that he gave his all to making his dream come true. 

But I loved him even more once he started to let his guard down a little and let Gabby in. Because damn he did sweet so well. And watching him come out of his shell to get her to step out of hiding was awesome. It just made me love him even more. 

Gabby was great. Knowing what had happened to her from the very start of the first book I wasn't sure how Rebecca was going to drag her out of her self imposed exile. Especially with Zeke who was in his own. So seeing her overcome her fears really made me feel even closer to her as a character. 

This whole story and the two proceeding it have been such a perfect series I am dying to see what we are going to get with Nathan. Although I have a feeling it may be a bit heartbreaking I can't wait.


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