Damn that was hot. And for a novella Kylie Scott managed to pull off the slow burn to perfection. I really love these 1001 nights novellas. They are the perfect way to discover a new author or series or just the perfect little cherry on top of a much loved series.

And although I adore Kylie Scott's writing I am only about half way through the stage dive series as I keep getting pulled away from them and since I know I will love them I can save them for book slumps. But I read the blurb for this one and I really had to read it right now.

Mae was awesome. I loved that she was a plus sized model with her own lingerie line. And despite the drama she had going on she wasn't a drama queen or a victim about it all. She just pulled up her pretty lace panties and got on with living her life without being stupid about it.

But damn was Ziggy hot. I loved that he was so stoic and professional until he could let his guard down. And once he did he was all in for Mae. There's just something so sweet about the strong silent type being so emotionally open that works.

I really loved the story and it was a perfect length. Enough depth and story-line without any unnecessary information or drama. The perfect read for a lazy Sunday.


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