Lexi Ryan has this ability to rip my heart out of my chest, stomp it into a million pieces, put it back and leave me smiling with tears running down my face. And the Jackson Harbor series has been nothing short of perfect. 

This story was complicated and angsty and heartbreaking in all the ways only life can be. And while things were happening to make me cry it really would have helped to have someone to blame and I really wanted to be mad at Easton but then I would get his point of view and my heart broke all over again for him.

Everything was messy and nothing played out like I wanted but it was so real I couldn't help but love it. Shay was such a great character and I really wanted her to get the happily ever after she had been waiting her whole life for but watching her hit every bump with so much grace and understanding just made her perfect.

And as much as I loved Easton and Shay it was awesome to catch up with the brothers and their beautiful other halves. And I am so hoping that we are going to get another book in this series just to catch up with the crew because I could never get enough.

Now I have to try get out of this book coma and get back to real life. Because seriously that book has me so sucked in that I hardly slept and I picked it up as soon as the kids were dropped off at school. And my mind doesn't want to settle on anything but Jackson Harbor. 


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