God I just love Sarina Bowen's writing. Every time I pick up one of her books I just get completely lost in it. I don't read a lot of MM but not because I don't like them because I have loved the ones I have read. Just that I read the ones from authors I love and I don't read enough to know what to look for. But every time I put them down I think I have to read more.


This book was perfect. It was a trip back to Vermont and the other side of the Shipley family. But OMG did it mess me up reading it because I not only got all the feels I also completely related. But I can't explain why without giving away spoilers. Except damn did I cry like a baby.


Roddy was so open and sweet and like a big old puppy dog just begging for someone to love him and keep him. And I wanted to take him home and wrap him in a hug. He was so self-aware and yet so desperate to prove his worth in the same breath. He was perfect for Kieran.


This book was so perfectly written I could have kept reading it for days. And I am adding the vino & veritas series to my TBR.



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