Obviously, you know Ilsa Madden-Mills is one talented writer. So, there is no point me telling you how superb the writing is. And it goes without saying that her stories make you get lost in their pages. This can absolutely be read as a standalone. But, before you read this I would strongly suggest you read Not my Romeo first.


Not because you need to but because you will want to, and it's set right before this one. And it gives you some background on each of these guys. But like I said this is a standalone so it's not necessary it just makes you feel part of the cool kids knowing some of the inside information.


Giselle and Devon were both characters that I loved for how human they were. They each made stupid mistakes that they regretted, and they were trying to figure out their own future. They both had insecurities about who they were, and I wanted to hug them both and take all their pain away.


Devon was an awesome hero, which was kind of unexpected. But with his history revealed he was a lot easier to understand and love. He gave the most amazing boyfriend, I just loved him so much.


Naturally, the secondary characters were great, most of whom we already met but some new very interesting faces too. I really can't decide who I want the next book to star. Not that it matters, since there's no doubt the book will be great and I'll love them no matter who they are. Toodles




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