The Golden Dynasty is my all-time favourite book. I re-read it when I need a book to get over a slump or just to distract from a bad day. So, when I heard that this series was set in the same world as the Fantastical series, I have been dying to read it. I knew I couldn't listen to that long an audio book, so I waited for the e-book. But Kristen Ashley is so wordy I needed to find the time to binge all four books.


Right now, is not that time but I couldn't hold off any longer. I could feel it calling me from my kindle while I was trying to figure out what to read next. And I caved and from the first page I couldn't put it down.


I saw a few reviews that said there were a lot of different points of view and it got a little complex. I was nervous because I am terrible with names and the list of characters here is huge. But all of their personalities are so strong and individual I actually didn't struggle too much keeping them all straight.


And the story is just too intriguing to have me be anything but madly invested in each couple’s relationship. And the part they are all going to play to stop the beast. And how each of them is going to handle their new relationship with someone vastly different.


Naturally, I have already got my favourites. And they each have things that make me love them that tiny bit more. But then there is a slight drama to make me nervous or another couple does something to make me love them more and I'm off with a new favourite. I really wish I could dive straight into the next book, but sadly commitments call, however as soon as I find the time it's already loaded and ready to go.




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