I could not go past that blurb. From the minute I read that I have been wanting to read more. Friends to lovers with a porn twist.


And the book lived up to everything I was hoping for and gave a little bit more. I spent the whole time waiting in anticipation for them to find out what the secret was. My mind was whizzing around wondering how Rachel would guess. Would it be a bedspread or a random comment, an accidental walk in or any one of the dozen other things I was expecting.


Seriously Flynn is every girls wet dream in print. And I have to wonder what content on the internet I am missing because I have not stumbled across any Flynn's. He was the complete package (Yeah, I did) and I was a little frustrated that Rachel thought he might not be enough until his secret alter ego was revealed.


Rachel didn't really do it for me, but then I was so invested in Flynn she was almost irrelevant. I didn't not like her; I just didn't really care for her. I know where she was coming from, but it felt like she was being too picky and overlooking the most important things.


Although once they got together it was so hot. And I am probably just a little salty she was so self-absorbed she did not jump him when he was half naked and dripping wet. Oh well hubby will be benefiting from that scene later. Toodles




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