So I didn't write a review for the third book, this was for two reasons. 1. I had to jump straight into the fourth and see how it was going to end. 2. Although a lot happened in that book and we found out so much more about everyone and everything I wouldn't be able to review it without spoilers.


And now here we are on the last book and that conclusion had me crying some serious tears. And then that epilogue was the perfect rainbow after the storm.


As only Kristen Ashley can do, I was lost in the world she created and I didn't want to be found. There was a lot going on here and at times I did lose track of who was who and who's point of view we were currently getting. But for the most part I was so invested I felt like I was part of it.


This series has been amazing, and I will be doing a reread of it in the future. But right now, I am dying to reread the fantasyland series. And I can't wait to visit the mystics. Hopefully, our queen has books planned for all the characters I have grown to love in this series, especially Jorie.



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