Ever since Jax came stomping onto the scene I have been wanting his story. He was such a broken little cookie with such a soft and sweet centre I just knew his story needed to be awesome. Then when he started butting heads with Frankie and we all felt those sparks shooting off everywhere I was even more thrilled.


However, the teaser at the end of the last book had me almost holding my breath waiting for this book. Because as adorable as Jolie is she has everyone wrapped around her little fingers. And as much as I wanted her to get her Christmas wish, man did it feel like we were still a fair way off that with Jax and Frankie.


Now if this is your first introduction to The Rooftop Crew, that's cool, you can read safely this as a standalone. However I strongly recommend you read this in order just to get the full effect. Not because it's necessary.


With that said I can't believe it's over. Although knowing piper Rayne we will probably get a novella sometime soon. But if we don't I guess I can manage; I mean we were just promised hockey hotties and I am absolutely there for that. So, I best go update my TBR mountain. Kisses.



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