So, I was stupid enough to start this series at a time when I really don't have the time to binge read it. I just have a day or two between commitments and the inability to control my own impulses. Obviously, I couldn't hold off any longer to get to the second book and now I'm hating myself.


That cliff-hanger was brutal and I have at least four weeks before I can get to the next one. And I really need to know what happened at the end of this one and how it plays out in the next one.


This one kicked off straight after the first and I loved watching them all get to know each other and fall in love. But I also enjoyed watching them develop some really strong friendships with the couples. There is so much intrigue and so many characters with so many different stories and yet I am so invested in each one of them I am having no issue keeping up with them all.


I’m dying to dive into the next one as soon as I can find the time because this series is calling to me so hard and having it tie in so beautifully with the Fantasyland Series and having a few cameos of the couples I love from that book just adds so much more to the experience.




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