These books are just really great reads when you need something light and entertaining. They have a great story that keeps you wrapped wanting to know what is going to happen next. And the characters are all likable. Every time I've read one of these books I've basically read it as a standalone because my goldfish brain can't hold too many details for the wait between books.


The fake girlfriend trope is one of my favourites, so I went into this with a lot of excitement. Add in a sexy and sweet hockey player and I was one happy little reader. And for the most part I loved Nala and Eli. They were both great people who both cared about everyone around them. But they each had moments where I was annoyed with them individually.


Eli was so oblivious to his own feelings and acted like a coward. Nala was such a people pleaser she needed to stop going along with the plan and speak up. Which she did but it felt like she left it way too late. I wanted her to put her feelings before her career goals and fight and I got frustrated waiting for her to do it.


Luckily, those moments were fleeting because I was so invested in them as a couple. The whole book was really easy to read, and I enjoyed the chemistry between them as well as watching the story unfold. And the ending was just the sweetness that I was chasing.



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