Is there anything better than when one of your favourite writing duos announces they are writing a series with one of your favourite themes? From the minute it was revealed I have been dying to get my hands on it. Knowing that I’m going to enjoy the writing is always a huge draw, especially when you know that the book is going to be happy and easy to get lost in for a few hours. Add in a hockey hottie and I’m there.


I really enjoyed both characters, they were cute and genuine. They each came with their own baggage and had reason not to trust each other but neither of them used it as an excuse to hide from their feelings. Well, mostly. They each were honest and open and didn’t play games and I found them really endearing. Especially Aiden. He was in a bad place but he wasn’t negative or blaming anyone for his issues. He just made a plan to turn his luck around and approached it logically (kinda) and worked on it.


Saige was sweet. I couldn’t get enough of her. I completely understood and respected her reluctance to get into a relationship with Aiden. But she didn’t use her reasons against Aiden she just explained it and let his actions speak for themselves. They were great together and I loved the whole relationship.


Oh and then they had the super sweet as sugar cameo from previous couples from their other series and I was all melty and happy.



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