I fell in love with the Dark Knights when I first picked up Tru Blue what feels like forever ago and got sucked in by the awesomeness of Melissa Foster's words. And I have loved every book in that series. Some of them have been sweet and gentle while others have ripped me apart and pieced me back together with pieces of their story embedded.


Right before I jumped into this book I read the warning that this book was emotional so I put it off for a bit so I could read it free from toddler interruptions. And I am so glad I did because by 10% of this book I was clutching the tissues with tears streaming down my face. And although the book wasn't sad and depressing, I did have moments throughout the book where those tears would pop back up.


Tank was everything we expect from the Dark Knights with their motto of love, loyalty and respect for all. And even though he had been through hell he came out forged by the fire. I loved every little thing about him. He was so all in from the moment he laid eyes on Leah and when he realised the full extent of her situation, he didn’t even bat an eye before he doubled down on his efforts to win her over.


Of course, Leah was a strong and independent woman who despite everything that had happened didn't need anyone to save her. She was fully capable of looking after herself and everyone around her. But once she opened up to everything Tank was dying to offer her she just got even better. Because the two of them together was a beautiful thing to witness and I put the book down with a big goofy grin on my face and a feel good feeling I couldn’t shake.


As can always be expected from a Melissa Foster book I read this as a standalone and loved it, I will absolutely come back and read book 1 in the series. There were an awesome number of secondary characters who were just as beautiful as the main characters and the family was awesome.


Loved it.


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  1. I love that you want to read book 1 now! Thank you for sharing your wonderful review! It made my day XOXO


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