I can’t get enough of these books from Meghan Quinn. She writes the best sports romance and this one just had everything I could ask for. Despite the fact it took me forever to read, thanks to all my kids deciding to be mini monsters this week, I was obsessed with Walker. And since I love the way that Meghan writes, I already went into the book knowing I was going to enjoy the hell out of it. What I didn’t know was that I was going to go through all the emotions to get to my happily ever after.

Kate came out of the gate as someone I just loved. She was completely take no prisoners with her approach to the players and their attitudes, while completely quaking in her boots on the inside. She didn’t let them push her around or do anything that was going to mess with her plans and I couldn’t get enough of her. The secondary characters were awesome and their interactions were fun and made me laugh.

But Walker, man I was in deep with him before I even realised it. Between the growling voice and the one word sentences I was in serious lust. Add in the 12 pack abs and the lickable physique I’m pretty sure I would let him get away with murder. But then you throw in his sweet as candy center when it came to Kate and I never wanted this book to end.

I normally might have been annoyed with the push and pull between these two but the chemistry was driving me to squirm every time they were in the same room or screen. And I felt their desire to have everything work out in the best interest of each other. Not once did either of them actually worry about anything other than the fall out on the other and that just made me love them even more.

The ending wasn’t everything I was hoping for but I seriously can’t complain. I just didn’t want to have to put it down yet. Honestly I’m not sure why you aren’t already reading it. Just be sure you have some privacy and a cool drink because Walker should come with a safety warning.



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