Ahhh, sometimes I really hate having to write reviews. And today my brain feels like it can't compute much more than a thumbs up and a grunted "was good" but I will try.


Sara Ney is an awesome author, and her Jock Hard series has been great. I've thoroughly enjoyed them, so the choice to read this one was a no brainer. I don't think I even read the blurb before I picked it up. And as I was reading it, I had zero regrets. I love her writing style and the story was good.


Georgia was a character who I was slightly annoyed by. She made stupid choices and followed that up with burying her head in the sand. I don't know that she made an actual choice for herself that wasn't pushed by someone else. Yet she wasn't a bad person and other than that one character flaw she was genuinely nice.


Ashley on the other hand was perfect. He didn't play games or hold grudges. He was completely understanding and accepting. Everything he did made me love him more and it didn't hurt that I could picture this big, buff, bruised, rugby player speaking in a hot English accent.


I do have to complain that the epilogue felt like a random chapter at the end of the book and not an epilogue. I wanted more of their happily ever after and further into their future. But I'm greedy like that. Sorry not sorry. And now we wait for the next book.




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