I keep raving about how awesome it is getting more of the True North world and what's even better is when it's an author I already love writing it. Especially one who excels at writing college sports romance. And that is definitely Sierra Hill.


I honestly can't remember Callan from the earlier Moo U books, but I do remember the other couples and I love their little cameos throughout the series. Although not remembering him wasn't a problem because I really liked him from the start of the book. He was just plain likeable, and the dimple descriptions didn't hurt a bit.


Aria I liked but she also came across as really selfish. I understood her reasons for transferring and the secrecy, I just didn't understand why she was so cold to her father. Or why she never womaned up and told Callan what was going on, despite all the opportunities that arose. I could have shaken her.


I really enjoyed the story and despite the fact I felt there was a little loose thread or two left unresolved they weren't anything that I need answers to. I would have really loved a sweet as candy epilogue. Don't get me wrong the ending was good but I wanted more (always). Thankfully, there are still loads more of these True North world books ready and waiting for me. Toodles



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