I don't know why I am struggling to write this review. I really enjoyed the book. I’m loving this True North world even if a few of the books haven’t been my cup of tea. I am loving getting to meet new to me authors and all the great reads I have found. I love that they are all standalones with a few of the same overlapping characters. And this book really worked for me and has given me a new to stalk author. But I am struggling to sit down and actually write a review, I think my brain is just a little fried with all the kid’s coordination.


I apologise in advance if this reads like a toddler wrote it, I feel like I just want to say the characters were great, the story was enjoyable, read the book but I’m guessing I need to write more than that. So, I’ll start with Paige, she was really likable. One of those new adult characters that if you met her in real life you would kind of want to hate her for how beautiful and together she is, but you can’t because she is just as beautiful inside as she is out. And getting to see her flaws and insecurities through her point of view helped me not hate her even more. Ok I’ll admit it I’m kinda crushing on Paige.


Spencer was a bit of a pain. He was awesome but he was also kind of self-absorbed but not in a nasty way just he was so focused on hockey and under so much pressure he had wicked tunnel vision. And although he and Paige couldn’t have been any more different if they tried, he gave great boyfriend. Even when he messed up, he realised his mistake pretty quickly and worked hard to fix his failings.


I really did enjoy the whole story and the secondary characters were great. I’m heading off to find out if they are all getting their own stories, especially Paige’s brother. Toodles Pretties.



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