Geez these books just keep hitting me in the feels and you would think by now I would be expecting it a little more but nope. I don't even know how I thought this book was going to play out with the whole story being based around a whoops baby, but I really didn't think it would have that much depth.


Not that the author's books haven't proven to me that she can deliver the deep, just that I come out of each of them with a smile and an OMG I need the next book now. I think I forget that I spent half of the book going holy shit how are they going to deal with this emotional fallout. And then the Ward family close ranks and remind me how badly I want to be adopted by a fictional family.


So, Lia was awesome and completely mature and well-grounded, and all boss bitch and I loved her. She put her baby and her emotional health over her hormones and honestly deserves a medal since she had a hot soccer player with a British accent waiting for her in bed. Jude was ok. He was an idiot, but in that good way where he realised it and went right to work to make everything perfect for Lia.


I am loving this Ward sister binge and getting so much of Paige and Logan and these athletes these ladies keep finding. I have been dying for Isabel's book since Molly's book and yes, it's already on my kindle. I love KU.




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