The first thought that came to mind when I put this book down was that they saved the best for last but then I sat back and reflected and honestly, they were all equally awesome. Each book had a different trope, and each sister had their own uniqueness and each of the men had their own history that made each book different enough that I binged all four of these back-to-back without feeling like I needed a break. They could be read as stand alones but they didn’t recap the family history, they just covered it from their own point of view and I loved that they were each affected so differently because that’s life’s beauty.


I really expected to get Isabel’s story a lot sooner in the line-up after seeing the moment that Aiden and Isabel first crossed paths and assuming he was going to be the love interest for her story. So, waiting until the last book was just a huge tease. Add in the fact that Isabel was definitely the most closed off sister and I never really felt like I knew her as well as the others. And once I started reading her book, I realised I really didn’t know anything about her. Which makes sense in the scheme of her age when her mother left.


Aiden and that prologue had me nervous that he wasn't the best choice for Isabel. I always hate the dead spouse thing. It's such a tightrope to get the balance right for the second chance. Especially when there are children involved. But it was done so well and Aiden's initial hesitance even made it better. Obviously, Isabel knew that found family is as precious as born family, so her love and acceptance of Aiden's past made it even more of a non-issue.


But now I'm devastated that the series is over. Although I have a few more Wolves books to read so hopefully I'll catch up with these guys again soon. Although I accidentally read Emmett's book first without realising who he was. Not that I can be upset since he led me to this awesome binge.



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