I recently binged the Washington Wolves series and when I got to the end I wanted more. Thankfully when I started stalking, I found this series and reading the blurb for this I immediately grabbed it from KU. I am so excited to get to stay with some awesome characters and get to know more about some others.


Since I had read the previous books, my first introduction to Noah and Molly was when Molly was 16 and trying to seduce Noah. And I thought that was the end of that. From the first page of this book, I was so invested in both characters. And having that moment being such a pivotal point for Noah was icing on the cake.


Molly was obviously older and wiser. And she has matured into an awesome person who I really liked. The whole story was told from a unique angle, and I enjoyed watching it all unfold. I honestly think I would have loved this if I'd read it as a standalone, but I adored it having the background knowledge of the secondary characters.


Thankfully this series and a few other related books are available in KU, so I'm going to be wrapped up in the Washington Wolves for a while. Kisses



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