Gah, that story was so hot and yet so sweet. I put down the last book then read the teaser for this one and immediately grabbed this on KU.


Reading this was a lot more emotional than I expected from reading the blurb. I think I expected a cute little mistaken identity between twins or maybe some BFF drama. And what I got was so much deeper and made me feel so much for both Claire and Bauer. Their history was so different, and they seemed to have such opposite personalities and yet they were so awesome together.


There was a lot less of the Ward family than I would have liked. But they definitely made up in quality for what we lacked in quantity. I have held off reading the teaser for the next book because I know once I read it, I'll be on KU grabbing it. And now my patience has run out and I have to see what's next. Toodles



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