It's been so long since I binge read the previous books in this series that I had completely forgotten most of the characters and thought I would be lost. And I read the start of the blurb and thought it was going to be emotional and sad. Then I started reading it and it came flooding back to me, along with the assumptions I had previously made. And the book was definitely emotional but not in a sad way, so I felt like an idiot for waiting so long to read it, because I had loved the previous books in the series and this one was a great addition to them.


Paris has had an absolute (starts with B and rhymes with witch) of a girlfriend who went out of her way to make life hard for Vanessa. And I had kind of assumed that they had fallen out in high school or something and that the issue was between the two women. Once we get into the book and see the past that is all cleared up and I have to admit I can see how it happened. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you what IT is that happened but oh my heart, you need to read it.


There was a lot of history between Paris and Vanessa, and I really loved how they were together once all that history was cleared up. Add on to that the events that happened to spark that conversation and the way they dealt with their history and present. I personally would have liked to see more closure and a little more retribution, maybe in the form of a truck making some people speed humps. But that’s probably just my own vengeful heart because what we got was more than ample for Paris and Vanessa.


Reading this I was just a big ball of heart eyes and gooey feelings. When I wasn’t too busy fanning myself because damn these two were combustible AF. I didn’t put the book down from start to finish and I loved getting more of the other couples we had previously met. I am seriously hoping we get more of this series and get to see Paris and Vanessa together in a few years living their best life. Oh, and complete side note but how hot is that cover?



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